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David Green has been an intricate part of our company’s artistry for over 15 years.
His talents and ability to realize our vision for projects has enabled us to add many custom pieces to our inventory. He creates beautiful works in a huge range of mediums with seemingly little effort. 
Not only is he extremely talented, but he is also funny and charming to work with. I am proud to present his works to our clients and to call him my friend.
Nancy O' Hearn - owner Galt House Hotel

David is very talented artist that we have always been pleased with his work. 
He has done a wide variety from people and horse portraits, faux-finished furniture and wall murals.
I would give him the highest of recommendations.
Charles Edward & Mary F. Glasscock

My mind is filled with creative ways to make my home the dream I want it to be.  I am very creative however I am not talented enough to put my thoughts into something that others can share and enjoy. I have David Green to thank for making my ideas come to life in colors and shapes I could never imagine. 
My good ideas become brilliant pieces of art at the end of his fingertips.   I dream my painting and then David paints my dream.  I find myself looking for more places in my home for him to put his masterpieces. 
He always gives me a chance to see his vision of my words that I spoke.  He is very professional always even though now I consider him to be a friend and not just a painter coming to do my walls. 
He has also donated his time to create pieces of art for my non-profit “A Recipe to End Hunger.”
Dawne Gee- new anchor of WAVE 3  

David Green "Starvin Artist" has been the ultimate creative partner to work with over the years, he has designed many "Thank You" , Happy Weekend and other creative taglines for my PR firm, Simply PR.
He truly is a team member and brings loads of charm, wit and talent to the drawing table, team member all the way!
I am lucky to call David a Simply PR asset and friend!
Caroline Knop / Simply PR

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